Shock Reveal: Coleen Nolan’s Astonishing Quit Smoking Journey!

Quit Attempt: Coleen Nolan

British TV presenter, , recently announced on that she has stopped smoking. Her announcement elicited a wave of support from fans and fellow alike.

Support From Fans

On her ‘Col's Corner', Nolan shared her journey in quitting smoking, with many supporters sharing their own experiences and encouragement. Amongst these supporters was her co-star from Loose Women, Kelle Bryan. Some followers even shared their own battles with smoking related diseases, with one detailing how a lung diagnosis led them to quit.

A Battle With Smoking

In the past, Nolan had trouble quitting her heavy smoking habit despite trying various methods. The turning point came when she suffered a severe chest infection that raised concerns about the potential development of COPD or emphysema. This health scare triggered an immediate change in Nolan, who has not touched a cigarette for two weeks since this awakening moment.

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Life is Precious

Nolan is now focused on her health and longevity, with the desire to be present for her grandchildren at the forefront of her mind. Her life is too valuable to be shortened by smoking, she states. Nolan's decision is not just a personal one, but a gesture towards her and loved ones.

Addressing Mental Health

Just last month, Nolan took a leave of absence from Loose Women due to stress. During this time, she encouraged her followers to prioritize their mental health and to know when to take a break. Nolan leading by example, displayed a huge wave of supportive messages from her fans and friends.

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