Stunning Revelation: Ex-Hosts of GMA Unmask Their Romance!

Amy and T.J., renowned ex-hosts of , unveiled their romantic affiliation on November 30, 2022. Their came to light while they were both navigating through proceedings; Amy with Andrew Shue and T.J. with Marilee Fiebig.

Amy and T.J. Podcast

The duo launched a under the creative banner ‘Amy and T.J.' where they delve into the progression of their relationship. The stage of affection between the two shifted to a romantic level in the summer of 2022, around six months prior to their public announcement.

The Evolution of Their Feelings

In the early stages, they were reluctant to divulge their feelings to each other, apprehensive about jeopardizing their existing friendship. However, as the summer rolled on, their emotions took on a romantic turn. Amy observed a shift in their rapport at work and expressed the disappointment of not spending weekends together.

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The First Admission of Love

T.J. confessed that he was the first to voice out the words “I you”, although he persistently states that the first move was made by Amy. Due to their entrenched friendship, the specifics of their first romantic milestones remain ambiguous. A noteworthy fact is they expressed their love verbally before sharing their first kiss.

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