Shocking: Hayley Erbert’s Terrifying Medical Scare!

News recently broke that Hayley Erbert, wife of , faced a terrifying medical incident.

Hayley Erbert, after a in Washington D.C, was identified with a cranial hematoma. This happened due to a burst blood vessel. She was urgently transported to a hospital where she underwent an emergency craniectomy.

Second Surgery

Not long after this, a second surgery was required, almost two weeks later. This operation was carried out to substitute a section of her skull.

Health Update

Following the successful operations, Derek Hough took to Instagram to update the fans. He stated that both surgeries were successful and expressed his appreciation to the medical team. He gave a special mention to Dr. Mai.

Support from Friends and Fans

The couple received overwhelming support from their as well as their fans. A sigh of relief was expressed at the news of Hayley's successful surgeries and and prayers continued to pour in for the couple.

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A Bit of their Story

Derek and Hayley exchanged matrimonial vows in August of this year. They started their romantic journey in 2017, even though they had met each other way back in 2014.

The Community’s Help

During this tough period, the couple is being backed by a nurturing and supportive community. The strength and love from this community are proving instrumental in helping them navigate through this challenging phase.

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