Shocking News: Music Industry Loses its Bigshot Executive, Martin Kirkup

Music stars have a way of touching our hearts, but what about the people who help these stars touch our hearts? The recently lost one such figure, Martin Kirkup, the renowned British-born, American music industry executive.

Martin Kirkup, a co-founder of Direct Management Group which started in 1984, had an illustrious managing and representing a great variety of talented artists. The list of stars he worked with is impressive: from the B-52's, k.d. lang, Counting Crows to Adam Lambert. But, what stands out is his near 20-year with music sensation .

Katy's encounter with Kirkup dates back to 2004. At the time, she was participating in a project with the producer of the record Jagged Little Pill, Glen Ballard. It was then that she joined Kirkup's team, which played a decisive role in propelling her career to the heights it has reached today.

Movingly, Katy shared candid snapshots and fond memories of her time with Kirkup on her social media platforms. These ranged from the nascent stages of her career right up to her recent PLAY residency in Las Vegas.

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In her messages, she expressed gratitude for Kirkup's role as one of her protectors and for his contributions in helping her secure the recognition she deserved in the music industry. Katy also had words of praise for the remainder of her team at Direct Management, acknowledging their efforts in ensuring her voice was heard.

She also spoke about the last time she was with Kirkup, a cherished memory where he listened to her new music, brimming with optimism and eagerness for what the future held.

Despite not getting the chance to say her goodbyes in person, Katy conveyed her belief that Kirkup knew just how much she esteemed and admired him.

Expressions of often take unique forms and for Katy, the number “143” holds significance as the numeric representation for “I love you”. She often spots this number during significant moments in her life. On the day of Kirkup's passing, she noticed the number “143” repeatedly – on a receipt and even as the duration of a movie she watched. Adding to the uncanny series of events was a stranger who introduced himself as Martin requesting a picture with her.

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Katy, a strong believer in signs and messages from loved ones and angels, holds these numerological experiences close to her heart. She has resolved to honor the memory of Martin Kirkup, remembering the love, dedication, and protection he offered throughout their professional journey together.

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