Celebrity Dad Alert: Simon Cowell Changes His Life for Son, Eric

Simon Cowell, a well-known celebrity, and his fiancée Lauren Silverman, are proud parents of a ten-year-old son, Eric. Being parents has brought significant changes to their life, changes that Simon often shares about.

Eric’s Birth and Naming

Eric, the couple's son, was born on the romantic day of 14 February 2014. The young boy carries a meaningful name, as he was named after Simon's father who has since passed away.

How Fatherhood Changed Simon

Simon did not shy away from expressing how has transformed his life. Not stopping at just one, Simon has also shared about the thought of extending their family further in the future.

Public Eye on Eric

Through , Simon makes it a point to share snapshots of his life with Eric. He also involves Eric in his professional life, taking him along to work-related events on certain occasions.

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When Eric celebrated his last birthday, Simon captured the joyous event and shared a photo captioned as “a perfect day”.

Simon and Eric’s Joint Venture

Simon and Eric have embarked on a joint venture in the form of a seven-book deal for their creative series, Wishfits. The Wishfits series, featuring magical hybrid creatures, exhibits the creative mastermind of the father-son duo.

Not everything went as planned, as the release of the series suffered a delay. Yet, the idea for this series stemmed from a heartwarming source. It was inspired by one of Simon's who operates a 's hospice .

The Newest Family Member

Adding to their family of three, Simon recently introduced their new puppy, Pebbles. He posted a heartwarming picture of Eric with Pebbles captioned as “LOVE”, sharing their joy with the world.

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