Discover the Exciting Baby News from Emily and Peter Andre!

Emily Andre, mother of two and wife of Peter Andre, is preparing to welcome their third child. The news, which was announced in October, has sparked a wave of congratulations from and fans alike.

The announcement came via a joint post that featured a heartwarming photo of the couple holding baby scans. Emily, who is due in four months, remarked on the post that she is managing well with her job and despite the impending arrival.

The couple, who have been married since 2015, are already parents to two children – Amelia, ten, and Theo, six.

Emily, in a recent interview, revealed that Peter is the stricter parent but also infuses a lot of fun into their style. When it comes to expanding their family, Peter has always maintained that the decision is ultimately Emily's, as she is the one carrying the child.

Last weekend, Emily was seen wearing a beige maxi dress at a party. Her attire for the occasion was a stark contrast to her casual outfit during a family trip to Lapland, where she was seen in leggings, a grey sweatshirt, and a black puffer coat.

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While Emily has been open about wanting three children, Peter has expressed his wish to have five. Despite their individual preferences, they were on the fence about having more children until recently.

In a light-hearted twist, Peter joked about looking more pregnant than his five-months-pregnant wife in their Instagram post. This playful banter was received well by their followers and added a touch of humor to the big news.

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