“Leicester Comedy Festival Unveils a SURPRISE Act, Eshaan Akbar!”

Get ready for a hearty laugh as the Leicester Comedy Festival is about to begin this Wednesday, featuring the notable comic artist Eshaan Akbar. While the festival commences mid-week, Akbar will have his first performance on Friday. Despite being engrossed in filming projects recently, he admits his preparedness might not be at its peak. Politics … Read more

Ryan Reynolds’s Shocking Twist in This Edited Image!

Ryan Reynolds's Shocking Twist In This Edited Image!

Canadian-American actor Ryan Reynolds recently lightened up the social media atmosphere with a humor-packed post. This peculiar post featured an edited version of a photograph from a film premiere, originally featuring his wife, Blake Lively, and pop sensation, Taylor Swift. Interestingly, the face swapping edit was not a creation of the actor himself. The credit … Read more