“Leicester Comedy Festival Unveils a SURPRISE Act, Eshaan Akbar!”

Get ready for a hearty laugh as the Leicester Festival is about to begin this Wednesday, featuring the notable comic artist Eshaan Akbar.

While the festival commences mid-week, Akbar will have his first on Friday. Despite being engrossed in filming projects recently, he admits his preparedness might not be at its peak.

Politics with a Dose of Fun

Akbar's new comedy sketch is centred around political discussions. He puts a spotlight on the necessity of treating each other with empathy and understanding in the political sphere. His comedic approach aims to highlight the extremes on both sides before gradually moving towards a common ground.

‘Uncancellable’ Comedian

Even in the era of ‘cancel culture', Akbar stands defiant, claiming he is ‘uncancellable'. He makes it clear a single joke or comment doesn't entirely reflect his persona. As one of the many diverse comedians who have recently garnered , Akbar views the influx of young talents as healthy competition, albeit teasingly.

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Known for expressing pride in his Asian roots, he acknowledges the boldness of younger Asian comedians in the industry. Akbar, who is partially deaf, prefers not let it become his defining feature. However, he is content if his journey can prove inspirational to others.

From Acting to Cooking

Apart from comedy, Akbar made his mark in ‘Sex Education'. He subtly hinted at possible future roles, although acknowledged the struggle to secure them. Going beyond acting and comedy, he has a keen interest in cooking, and is planning a series around it. Akbar associates cooking with emotions, attributing his passion for food to his late mother.

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