Expecting 49er Fred Warner’s Shocking Super Bowl Surprise!

The San Francisco 49ers are set to gain a new fan, with linebacker Fred Warner set to become a father for the first time as his wife, Warner, approaches her due date. Sydney, a former competitor on ‘The Bachelor', is 35 weeks pregnant and their child, a boy, is due to make his own debut around the time of the February 11th championship game.

Baby on Board: A Super Bowl Debut

They revealed the news of their growing in late October. Now with the approaching, is high and not just for the impending game. Sydney has received the all clear from her doctor and plans to be in the stands to support her husband. Though, with her due date approaching, she plans to take it easy. This includes keeping hydrated and minimizing physical activity.

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A New Game Plan

Changes haven't just been restricted to their family life. Sydney noted that she's made some changes in her own behaviour as she enters her third trimester. Among these is a more measured approach to expressing her enthusiasm, saying she's “taking things slower, not jumping as high or screaming as loud”.

A Fairy Tale Experience

The expecting mother described their journey so far as “like a fairy tale”. She eagerly awaits the opportunity to share the memories with their son. And they're not alone in this experience. The Super Bowl has a history of coinciding with family expansions. Just last year, players Jason Kelce and Mecole Hardman Jr. were also in the midst of expecting during the Super Bowl.

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