Shocking Untold Story of Football and Racism: The Black 14 Incident

Take a deep dive into a historic incident from 1969 involving 14 black players who were ousted from the Wyoming Cowboys college team due to their planned protest. This story, now being told in a for BBC Sounds, is part of the Amazing Sports Stories series during Black Month.

The players had set plans in motion to wear black armbands as a protest against the racial abuse they had faced from Brigham Young's college football team. Half a century later, the college issued an for the incident in 2019 and hosted the surviving players at an event to honor them.

B. A. Parker, Host of The Black 14

The podcast, titled ‘The Black 14', is hosted by B. A. Parker, who is also a co-host of NPR's Code Switch. A poignant story from the past, Parker emphasizes the pertinence of the incident to the modern-day protests by athletes like Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James.

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Impact and Relevance

Interviews with the surviving athletes reveal a spectrum of reactions and emotions towards the incident. The effects of that day continue to resonate in varying degrees, with some still holding on while others have managed to distance themselves.

Lessons From The Past

Parker draws parallels between the racial prejudice faced by the players and the ongoing racism that Black Americans encounter today. She brings to light the blatant as well as the more concealed forms of racism that sadly, continue to subsist.

For those who want to understand this significant incident better, ‘The Black 14' is now available on BBC Sounds.

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