Shocking Health Scare Hits Famous Dancing Duo!

Professional dancer Julianne Hough has made a heartfelt appeal for prayers for her brother Derek, also a well-known dancer, and his wife Hayley.

Hayley is currently in the hospital following a bout of , a health condition caused by a burst blood vessel. The situation unfolded when Hayley experienced disorientation after a tour performance in Washington D.C. and subsequent medical tests led to her .

Derek publicly expressed gratitude to the first responders and medical staff responsible for his wife's care, a sentiment that Julianne echoed on her personal account. In her post, she took the opportunity to repost her brother's public statement and express gratitude towards their fans for their ongoing support during this difficult time.

Background of the Dancers

Like his sister Julianne, Derek has also built a reputation as a professional dancer. The dancing duo shares a close-knit , evident from their respective social media accounts. Their in the entertainment industry, including Alfonso Ribeiro, Alyson Hannigan, and Heidi Klum, have also shown their support during this challenging period.

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Derek and Hayley's journey together began in 2014, culminating in their marriage in 2022. Hayley has also made her mark in the dancing world – she was a notable competitor on the popular reality show ‘So You Think You Can Dance' and a troupe dancer in ‘Dancing With The Stars'.

Julianne’s Personal Life

On a personal note, Julianne has recently spent time redecorating her LA home and bringing a new pup into her life. This comes after a period of mourning for the dancer, who lost her two dogs, Lexi and Harley, and shared her grief with her followers on Instagram. Her current circumstances regarding her brother's wife have had a profound impact on her as well.

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