Are You Ready For Christina Hall’s Bizarre Home Remodel Hits?

has delighted fans with another glimpse into her world of property remodeling in the latest installment of her show, Christina in the Country. This time, she has transformed a property through a renovation project that includes a unique deer head wall mount above a bar.

The inspiration for the deer head decor comes from a bar in Franklin, TN. The owner of the property is none other than songwriter Jeremy Popoff, who was captured in a delightful scene serenading the crew during the renovation. Christina expressed her gratitude towards Jeremy and his partner Lauren for giving her the opportunity to remodel their home.

Christina in the Country is a successful spinoff from Christina's other property remodeling shows. In them, she takes viewers on a journey through various home remodeling projects, both in her own residences and others. Fans of the show will be thrilled to know that there is more to come, with new episodes set to premiere in .

Christina on the Coast

That's not all for Christina's TV ventures either – her popular spinoff show, Christina on the Coast, has also been renewed for 2024. The program will enter its fifth triumphant season next year.

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Christina’s Personal Home

Christina's prowess at home renovation doesn't stop at other people's properties. She recently took on the mammoth task of renovating her own million home, introducing a blend of modern furnishings, natural wood features, live plants and elements inspired by the tropical island of Bali.

Not one to overlook the smaller details, Christina added personality to her kids' rooms. 's room boasts her name in elegant gold cursive, while Brayden and Hudson's room features a fun surfboard. The master bedroom, which Christina shares with her husband Joshua Hall, exudes comfort and tranquility with wooden floors, grand white curtains, and a breathtaking view of the surrounding woodlands.

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