Secret Battle: De Niro and Former Assistant in Six Million Dollar Lawsuit

Robert De Niro finds himself in , in a contentious battle against his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, on October 30, 2023. The rift involving the celebrated and his assistant centers on a million lawsuit filed by Robert and Canal Productions, alleging misuse of company funds and abuse of the position for personal gain.

The Lawsuit

Graham Chase Robinson, in turn, has gone on the offensive, alleging that she was subjected to gender discrimination during her tenure with De Niro. She claims that she received lesser remuneration than her male peers and was subjected to sexist comments.

Robert De Niro, in his testimony, refuted allegations that Robinson had any undue influence in his . He admitted, though, that she was proficient in certain tasks.

Allegations of Misconduct

Robinson's attorney questioned De Niro regarding the nature of tasks assigned to her, which included personal chores for De Niro's girlfriend, Tiffany Chen. The counter-lawsuit by Robinson details instances of belittlement and sexist remarks.

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Further, she alleges that Tiffany Chen accused her of harboring romantic feelings for De Niro, leading to retaliatory reactions from him and resulting in her forced resignation.

Evidence Presented

The evidence presented in court includes text messages and communications exchanged between De Niro, Robinson, and Chen. In one such exchange, De Niro refers to Robinson using derogatory language, while Chen's text hints at an imagined intimacy on Robinson's part.

While De Niro's lawyer maintains that the dispute is about professional conduct and not gender, De Niro himself concedes that certain emails and texts might suggest that Robinson had feelings for him. He, however, denies exerting any control over her, emphasizing the importance of trust and proper adherence to work protocols.

Points of Contention

The court's investigation extends to De Niro's requests for back-scratching and the use of SkyMiles. De Niro confessed to berating Robinson, but justified it as infrequent and respectful. As for the SkyMiles, he clarified they were meant to be used by his .

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