The Stunning Story of Fern: A 66-Year-Old With Shoulder Surgery Struggles

At 66 years old, Fern uses a walking aid due to shoulder surgery, but she doesn't rely on it completely, since she can still navigate her house. Keep reading to discover more about her resilient journey.

Fern recently posted an update on her progress, which also featured a video of her cherished pets, Barbara and Dr Mackerel. These two cats have been offering non-stop companionship during her period, making a potentially tough time endurable and even pleasant at times. Her online community was quick to respond, showing their support and admiration for both Fern and her endearing cats.

Fern’s Surgery

In the previous month, Fern had shared an image of herself, clad in a hospital gown with her arm securely fastened in a sling. This was following a procedure at St Michaels NHS hospital in Hayle, Cornwall, which was aimed at mitigating the discomfort caused by her arthritis.

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Gratitude Amid Challenges

Even though she experiences pain due to arthritis in her shoulder and knee, Fern's spirits are far from dampened. Apart from an upcoming surgery, she appears to carry a positive outlook, expressing her thankfulness for the unwavering support she's been receiving, not just from her human , but her furry friends as well. She took time to voice her appreciation for the hospital staff, who are toiling to ensure her well-being and speedy recovery.

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