Enrique Iglesias’s Shocking Retirement from Music: Will He Return?

World-renowned singer Enrique Iglesias, at the age of 48, is pausing from ‘The Trilogy ' he is performing with Ricky Martin and Pitbull. With the tour now extending into the next year due to the addition of 18 new performances, Iglesias has his plate full.

Final Album Announcement

Enrique has recently verified that his forthcoming , named ‘Final (Vol 2)', is set to be his concluding musical collection. February is the foreseen release date for the completed album, with plans to record one or two accompanying music videos before jumping back on the tour.

A Glimpse at His Personal Life

While being on tour, Enrique has openly communicated missing his . He, together with his long-time partner Anna, is a parent to twins Lucy and Nicholas, and a daughter named Mary (or Masha, as called in Russian), who was born in January 2020. Enrique and Anna have chosen to keep their pregnancies off public radar, only disclosing the arrival of their children after the birth.

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This couple, united since 2001, first met on the set of Enrique's music video for ‘Escape'. In contrast to societal norms, Enrique proclaimed his lack of interest in in 2017, stating that his own experience with divorced parents influenced this viewpoint. He, instead, underlined good parenting as being of greater value than marital status.

Possible Secret Wedding

Despite his previous statement, have recently circulated hinting at a possible secret wedding ceremony. Enrique's brother, Julio Iglesias Jr., in July 2023, hinted that Enrique and Anna might have tied the knot in a small and private celebration, considering their mother has already seen all of her children getting married at least once.

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