Simone Biles’s Double Thanksgiving Celebration: What’s the Catch?

Thanksgiving was a double celebration for and her husband Jonathan Owens, as the couple not only commemorated the annual but also Owens' first career touchdown for the Green Bay Packers.

Images from their Thanksgiving feast were shared by Biles on which included a video showcasing the delightful array of dishes and a boomerang featuring them toasting with pumpkin-shaped cups. This celebration of love and career milestones clearly held a special place in Biles heart, as she took to to reveal how much she cherishes the time she gets to spend with Owens.

Ever since the couple got married in April, Owens had to move across the country to become part of the Green Bay Packers. Despite the long-distance nature of their , necessitated by their individual sports careers, they ensure to make the most out of the time spent together. Their shared experiences and intimate moments are often documented on their social media platforms.

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One of their memorable shared moments was a fall photoshoot, which they made sure to share with their followers. Despite the distance and the challenges, the couple appears to be going strong, and their fans have been given a glimpse of their happy and supportive relationship.

On her own, Biles has had quite a remarkable sports year. She clinched her eighth national title, becoming the oldest woman to achieve such a feat. Her winning spree didn't stop there as she went on to secure a gold medal at the World Championships making this year truly one to remember both professionally and personally.

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