Dolly Parton Shocks Fans with Rock and Roll Album

Get ready to rock as Dolly Parton, celebrated as the sovereign of country , ventures into rock and roll with her latest “Rockstar.”

A Star-Studded Album

Mark your calendars for November 17, as that's when “Rockstar,” Parton's first rock and roll album, hits the airwaves. The album boasts an impressive lineup of collaborations with musical powerhouses and features legendary tracks such as “Stairway to Heaven,” “Free Bird,” “Purple Rain,” and “Wrecking Ball.”

A Tribute to Love

In a surprising twist, this rock and roll album can also be interpreted as a tribute to Parton's husband, Carl Dean. Married since 1966, Dean has a taste for hard rock over . The couple has always been discreet about their , with very few public pictures of them together. This album, however, is a testament to their bond, with Dean encouraging Parton to delve into the rock genre.

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Big Names, Big Challenges

Despite partnering with music giants such as Paul McCartney, Sting, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, and Miley Cyrus for this project, Parton found meeting her husband's expectations a formidable challenge. She handpicked some of Dean's favorite tracks for the album, including a rock version of “Stairway to Heaven,” which she had previously rendered in bluegrass style.

Approval That Counts

The approval that mattered the most to Parton was not from the critics or the public, but that of her husband, Dean. His endorsement of the album holds more weight for her than any other accolades she might receive.

Parton’s Impressive Career

Parton's music journey spans over five decades, during which she has released an astounding 48 albums. Just last year, she was honored with an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of , even before launching her first rock album.

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