Discover the Extravagant Christmas Wishes of Mariah Carey’s Twins

Get ready for Mariah Carey's twins, Moroccan and Monroe, to fill your holiday season with cheer and spectacle. They're already deep into preparations.

The festive duo, shared by Carey and her former partner, Nick Cannon (2008-2016), have put their pens to paper and carefully crafted their Christmas gift wish lists. Tech-savvy and with an eye for the high-end, their wish list is filled with advanced, top-of-the-line gifts.

Carey, ever the doting mother, is more than willing to splash out to make sure her have plenty on Christmas morning to unwrap. The cost of making her kids' wishes come true doesn't faze her.

Christmas Tour: Merry Christmas One and All

Not only are the twins preparing for a grand Christmas at home, but they're also gearing up to accompany their mother on her Christmas-themed tour, Merry Christmas One and All. The festive musical journey spans from November 15 to December 17.


The twins won't just be spectators, though. Carey's , Monroe, is honing her skills, reportedly rehearsing even more than her superstar mother. Appears like Monroe might have inherited her mother's famous high-pitch!

Starting in Highland, California, the Christmas tour will conclude its festive run on December 17th in the iconic city of New York, promising a Christmas experience that's bound to be full of , merriment, and a dash of Carey family magic.

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