Why Martha Stewart Is Skipping Thanksgiving Hosting This Year

Martha Stewart, renowned for her prowess in home cuisine and event planning, will not be hosting this year. This surprising news, shared by the 82-year-old on The Show, has raised eyebrows and garnered attention.

Martha’s Thanksgiving Plans

Instead of the traditional hosting, Martha plans to be a guest this year. She stated that she has received invitations from about five of her and has decided to visit their homes for the Thanksgiving .

‘Turkey-ed Out’

Martha's reason for stepping down from her hosting duties is quite peculiar. She mentioned that she is ‘turkey-ed out', a sentiment resulting from her having prepared as many as 14 turkeys for her TV show, along with being part of other Thanksgiving-related television appearances.

Cancelled Plans

Martha divulged that her decision was also influenced by the cancellation of nine guests. This last-minute change of plans was due to one attendee's health condition.

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Humorous Response from The Host

Martha's announcement prompted a witty remark from show host Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson jested that Martha's friends, who are due to host her, must be feeling the pressure to live up to the reputation of an acclaimed home cook and host like Martha Stewart.

The Public’s Reaction

The public has responded positively to this news. users showered Stewart and Clarkson with messages of admiration, highlighting their adoration for both the TV personalities.

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