Millie Bobby Brown Breaks Christmas Rules For Love!

festivity planning is underway for and her fiancé Jake Bongiovi amidst preparations. Their holiday traditions are a lively subject of discussion.

Millie is a staunch advocate of setting up the Christmas decorations early, even before Halloween rolls around. Jake, on the other hand, might not find this practice as appealing. Despite their contrasting views, this forms part of their holiday .

Celebrating Christmas, Millie’s Way

For Millie, the joy of Christmas lies in its decorations and the quality time she gets to spend with her . It's her most cherished holiday. One of her traditions includes unwrapping a gift on Christmas Eve. Jake, unfamiliar with this tradition, has no choice but to play along, thanks to Millie's persistence.

Thanksgiving Day, Jake’s Way

An entirely new experience was introduced to Millie by Jake – celebrating an all-American Thanksgiving with his parents, rock star Jon Bon Jovi, and Dorothea Hurley. As a Brit, Millie had never before celebrated Thanksgiving. Despite it being a new tradition for her, she relished the experience and had high words of praise for the culinary skills of Jake's mother.

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A Clash of Traditions?

While it might seem that Millie and Jake have differing views on how to celebrate certain holidays, they are, in fact, creating a harmonious blend of their individual traditions. Through these various holiday celebrations, they not only learn about each other's customs but also build a bond that strengthens their forthcoming union.

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