What’s the Secret Behind Dua Lipa’s New Album?

Dua Lipa, a renowned English-Albanian singer, recently delved into how her has profoundly influenced her in a candid interview with Rolling Stone.

Being on the cusp of completing her third , which is a follow-up to the 2020 hit Future Nostalgia, the 28-year-old shared how her personal experiences have shaped her upcoming album. She revealed that dating in her 20s has had a significant impact on her music.

Personal Experiences and Relationships

In December 2021, Lipa ended a two-year-long with American model Anwar Hadid. She went on to date Greek-French filmmaker Romain Gavras for eight months. Currently, rumors are swirling about her involvement with English actor and model Callum Turner, though the two have yet to confirm their relationship status.

Lipa admits that living under the public eye makes dating challenging. As a result, she finds herself gravitating towards a more close-knit circle.

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Music as a Reflection of Personal Life

According to the singer, her lyrics shed light on her love life than she usually would in day-to-day conversations. One of the songs in the upcoming album encapsulates her sense of growth while witnessing an ex-partner move on with a new relationship. She identifies this as a shift from hurtful breakups she had in the past.

Music Style and Expectations for the New Album

The is a mix of psychedelic-pop and British rave music, embodying the spirit of youth and freedom. The singer expressed her desire for the album to represent the process of dealing with life events, whether they're uplifting or challenging.

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