Victoria Beckham’s Show-Stopping Design: You Won’t Believe Who’s Wearing It!

, renowned for her finesse, recently shared a snapshot on her Instagram feed, exhibiting her Harper sporting a dress crafted by Beckham herself.

Harper’s Dress

The dress in question is a lengthy white design, embellished with spaghetti straps. It was complemented by matching white, hefty heels and a petite white purse. Beckham fashioned this dress explicitly for Harper to don at her fashion show held in the City of , Paris. Admirers had a lot to say about the design, showering the ensemble with compliments for its sophistication and age-appropriate styling.

Availability of the Dress

This dress, turning heads from Paris to Instagram, is presently purchasable on Victoria Beckham's official website.

Harper’s Previous Outfit

It's noteworthy to mention that Harper isn't a novice on the runway. She had earlier modeled a chic black dress at a prestigious event organized by Vogue in Miami. The was perfectly paired with unassuming white sneakers.

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Victoria Beckham’s Outfit

The event didn't just showcase the young Harper. Victoria Beckham, being the fashion icon she is, graced the occasion in a chic white two-piece suit, a product of her own fashion label. The outfit was tastefully paired with a V-neck t-shirt, a black belt and classic black stilettos.

Victoria’s Gratitude

Following the event, Beckham didn't forget to show appreciation. She took to Instagram to share pictures from the gathering, expressing her gratitude to Vogue Magazine and her friends who were present. Among the prominent names mentioned were Antonela Roccuzzo, wife of legendary footballer Lionel Messi, Elena Galera, Isabela Grutman, famous hairdresser Ken Paves, and Natasa Gorham.

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