Uncover what happened during Alex’s thrilling trip to Mexico!

Sports enthusiast Alex's recent trip to Mexico, as documented on , presents a captivating yet lighthearted series of snapshots. Her followers swooned over her toned physique, showcased in a vibrant red and cream bikini, as well as the appealing beach and food photos.

Unveiling the Mexican Trip

The photos, aptly captioned “Mexican adventures 23/24”, takes us through Alex's journey in Mexico. The highlight was undoubtedly her fit figure, accentuated by a red and cream bikini, which drew abundant praises from her fans.

Adventure with Jess Glynne

The trip wasn't solitary. Alex had company with her partner – singer Jess Glynne. The duo seemed to have embrace the thrill of the journey, as showcased in a video of them riding a motorcycle together in Mexico.

Instagram Official

The couple, who made their known on Instagram in December 2023, have been quite expressive about their bond on the social media platform. Alex uploaded a photo of Jess on the beach, while Jess reciprocated with a sun-soaked selfie of her own.

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Public Appearances

Alex and Jess were also seen together at numerous events. They made their debut at the British Vogue's Forces For Change party and have been spotted together at Wimbledon over the summer. Jess even accompanied Alex at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year .

The Past Heartbreak

While the current relationship seems joyful, Alex has experienced heartbreak in the past. In her autobiography, How (Not) To Be Strong, Alex discussed her relationship and subsequent split with her “first ” Kelly Smith. The end of their eight-year-long relationship in 2013 was a significant event in her life.

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