Unveiled: Inside Jason Kelce’s Shocking Retirement Announcement

Jason Kelce, celebrated Super Bowl champion and six-time All-Pro, bids farewell to a 13-year stellar NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles. At an age of 36, Jason makes his retirement public in a recent press conference.

A Dive into Podcasting

Jason Kelce, alongside his brother Travis, ventured into the world of podcasting outside of his football career. The , titled ‘New Heights', launched in September 2022, has rapidly gained traction among listeners, with a whopping 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Travis dropped a hint about a live show in the UK, indicating a potential world . Given Jason's commitment to his , this plan might be on the horizon.

Continued Commitment to Philadelphia

The question on every Eagles fan's lips is whether Jason will stay committed to the Philadelphia community. According to social media, the roles of a coach or even a head coach could be on the cards for him in the future.

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A Potential Media Future

Jason's charismatic personality has already made him a favorite in the media, suggesting a potential future in television. With references made to Tom Brady's transition to broadcasting with FOX Sports, a similar pathway could be in the store for Jason. He could potentially be hired by networks such as ESPN, NBC, and CBS for sports analysis.

Exploring Music and Fashion

Apart from his love for football, Jason has also expressed his interests in music and fashion. He has two albums to his credit, adding another feather to his cap. He also plunged into the by launching his clothing line, ‘Underdog'.

Life Beyond The Field

An Amazon documentary has put his life outside of sports in the spotlight. As his NFL career ends, Jason's post-NFL days are expected to be bustling with sponsorships and business ventures.

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