Joe Manganiello’s Shocking Ancestry: You Won’t Believe His Real Grandfather!

Renowned and host Joe Manganiello embarked on a journey into his past and unearthed startling truths about his lineage.

With the help of historians, Manganiello delved deep into his genealogy. In his pursuit to understand his roots, he found that the man who brought up his father was not his biological grandfather. This revelation was a significant turning point in his search.

To further his cause, Manganiello made his profile public. This decision was fruitful as it helped him connect with potential relatives. An unexpected outcome of this was an African American woman stepping forward as Manganiello's third cousin, cementing a familial link that had been hitherto unknown.

Unraveling Manganiello’s Rich Ancestry

Well-known PBS show Finding Your Roots played a considerable role in assisting Manganiello to uncover more about his family . DNA testing was instrumental in tracing his biological great-grandparents. The test revealed that his forebears were William Henry Cutler, a Black man, and Nellie Alton, a white woman. Surprisingly, his real grandfather was one of their three sons.

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A Tale of Different Heritages

Further genealogical exploration unveiled that Manganiello's German and Armenian ancestry traced back to his great-grandmother, Terviz “Rose” Darakjian. She was impregnated by a German officer, Karl Wilhelm Beutinger, at a refugee camp in Turkey. This was after she had made a narrow escape from the horrors of the Armenian genocide.

Following this, Beutinger returned to Germany. His son, who was half-Armenian, half-German, became a Nazi officer, adding another twist to Manganiello's diverse genealogical fabric.

A Familiar Reflection

Interestingly, Manganiello confessed seeing a between himself and his German relative. This visual connection served as another confirmation of the new-found links in his ancestry and deepened his understanding of his rich heritage.

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