Attention: How ABSOLUT and Olly Alexander are Changing Communities

Attention: How Absolut And Olly Alexander Are Changing Communities

ABSOLUT and Olly Alexander have joined forces with three champions of community change, amplifying their initiatives and taking the #BornToMix events to another level. Lady Phyll’s Roundtable Discussions The founder of UK Black Pride, Lady Phyll, will be hosting two roundtable discussions on the 8th of March and the 21st of June. The purpose of … Read more

Lauren Sanchez and Prince Harry: Controversial Honorees at Aviation Gala?

Lauren Sanchez And Prince Harry: Controversial Honorees At Aviation Gala

At a recent event, the Living Legends of Aviation gala, some famous faces were recognized for their contributions, including Lauren Sanchez and Prince Harry. Sanchez, an achiever herself, was honored with the Elling Halvorson Vertical Flight Hall of Fame Award. An interesting development of the night was that her fiancĂ©e, Jeff Bezos, also received recognition … Read more