Attention: How ABSOLUT and Olly Alexander are Changing Communities

ABSOLUT and Olly Alexander have joined forces with three champions of community change, amplifying their initiatives and taking the #BornToMix events to another level.

Lady Phyll’s Roundtable Discussions

The founder of UK Black Pride, Lady Phyll, will be hosting two roundtable discussions on the 8th of March and the 21st of June. The purpose of these discussions is not just to talk but to spark powerful and truthful dialogue that inspires actions leading to a better world. Topics covered in Lady Phyll's event will range from cultivating personal joy to building secure environments for communities.

ShayShay’s Performance Mentorship Program

ShayShay, co-founder of The Bitten Peach, is set to organise a mentorship program spanning eight weeks. This event will culminate in the Peach Fuzz Showcase, where new Asian performers will present their fresh acts. ShayShay has expressed their gratitude towards Olly and ABSOLUT, saying that their has significantly enhanced the reach of their message.

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Trina Nicole’s Body Confidence Event

Trina Nicole, the brain behind Curve Catwalk, is planning an event that includes a runway class followed by a discussion centred around body confidence. She emphasizes the value of community and encourages a culture of accepting oneself. Her event will mix and match motivational speeches, confidence-building workshops, and networking opportunities.

These three innovators are leveraging the support of ABSOLUT to increase their influence and reach. The collaborative effort aims to honour , strengthen communities and stir up positive change.

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