Stockport’s Dan Tiernan: The Unstoppable Comedian You Never Knew

In the thriving scene of 2023, Stockport-born comedian Dan Tiernan made his mark with laudable achievements including the prestigious British Comedian of the Year trophy at the BBC New Comedy Awards.

Comedy: A journey of Laughter

His meteoric rise to included selling out his show at the Edinburgh Fringe and making his debut on popular panel shows like QI and 8 out of 10 Cats. His style, characterised as high energy, unpredictable, and rife with punchlines, dared to touch on edgy topics such as dealing with .

Tiernan is currently casting his comedic net wider, on tour with his show, Going Under. His inspirations, Johnny Vegas and Lee Evans, are clearly mirrored in his raw, humourous performances.

Laying Foundations: Early Struggles and Triumphs

Despite early struggles with education, Tiernan's passion for performing never faded. His foray into the world of stand-up comedy began after attending a course at the Frog and Bucket.

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Branching Out: The Acting Frontier

Not confining himself to the realm of comedy, Tiernan has also forayed into acting. His stint on the show Doctors marked his acting debut, though the show was unfortunately axed shortly after. Dan, however, remains undeterred and has expressed interest in roles such as James Bond or parts in Ridley Scott's anticipated Gladiator sequel.

Offstage: Personal Life

Outside of his professional pursuits, Tiernan is a proud gay man living with dyspraxia. He openly shares his experiences of navigating the dating world, acknowledging the unique challenges he faces due to a smaller dating pool and societal barriers.

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