Shock: Daniela Ruah Ditches Acting Role for Director’s Chair in NCIS!

Get ready for a thrilling new chapter in the franchise as steps behind the camera!

Known for her stellar as Kensi Blye for an impressive 14 seasons on the now cancelled NCIS: Los Angeles, Ruah is making a surprising return. This time, however, she isn't reprising her on-screen role. Instead, she's taking on the role of a director for two upcoming episodes – one for the original NCIS and another for NCIS: Hawai'i.

Behind the Scenes with Ruah

True to her down-to-earth personality, Ruah has kept her fans in the loop by sharing exciting updates and behind-the-scenes photos from the Hawaii set on her . From her posts, it's clear she's enjoying her new role as a director and is as passionate as ever about the franchise.

Upcoming Episodes

Details about the episodes she's directing are already out. The NCIS: Hawai'i episode, entitled “The Next Thousand,” is pegged as the third season's seventh episode. As for the NCIS episode, fans have to wait until March when it will be aired. Furthermore, the NCIS: Hawai'i episode is scheduled to follow in April.

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Reflecting on her journey with the franchise, Ruah has openly expressed her gratitude for her time spent playing Kensi Blye and her for her new opportunity to direct. It's safe to say that the fans are just as excited to see what she brings to the table!

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