Discover the Hair-raising Legacy of Giovanni in Entertainment!

Delve into the enriching journey of Giovanni (Gio), a dynamic professional who made a significant mark in the entertainment industry. A journey marked by memorable associations and remarkable growth.

Gio’s Journey With Rose

One of the most cherished companionships of Gio is with EastEnders , Rose. He often recalls the memorable times spent with Rose, even sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of their reunions. Indeed, Rose's influence is still palpable, seen vividly in Gio's performances.

Traditions and Growth

One unique that Gio maintains is the use of British Sign Language to express “Thank you” after performances, a practice that Rose initiated. Ever since partnering with Rose, Gio's has witnessed exponential growth, marked by significant milestones like the release of the unisex fragrance, Vita.

On-Screen Ventures

Gio's on-screen ventures include a TV show with his co-star and close friend Anton Du Beke. The show witnessed a surprise guest appearance by none other than Rose. Despite his solo shows tasting success, Gio opted not to participate in this year's live .

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Controversy and Partners

Earlier, Amanda Abbington, a potential partner, withdrew due to “personal reasons” amid rumors of discord over Gio's strict training approach. Gio's former partner Michelle Visage confirmed his rigorous training regime. However, Debbie McGee, another one of his former partners, shared a positive experience working with him.

Partnership with Rose

The partnership between Rose and Gio was one of mutual respect and learning. Rose expressed gratitude for Gio's guidance, and this camaraderie was evident in their performances and public appearances.

Support From the Industry

The criticism of Gio's strict training approach was met with support from industry veterans. Head judge Shirley Ballas came forward to defend Gio, describing him as an excellent teacher and gentleman. The BBC, in an official statement, echoed their commitment to contestant care and their policy of addressing concerns promptly.

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