Journey to the Funniest Beach Trip Ever With Gabrielle and Dwyane!

Join us as we delve into the refreshing and amusing beach trip of Gabrielle, Dwyane, and their youngest child, Kaavia, who never fails to exhibit her bold personality.

During their visit to Miami, the engaged in numerous beach activities. From strolling along the beach and basking in the sun, to partaking in jovial games, Gabrielle, Dwyane, and Kaavia had a memorable time together.

Among the playful activities, Kaavia demonstrated her assertive nature by initiating a tickling game. She laid down the rule that anyone who moved during the game was to be considered “out”.

But she wasn't all about making rules, she also had a knack for making everyone laugh. She corrected her parents for overdoing the tickling, and Gabrielle couldn't help but note the irony of her telling them they were “doing too much”.

Kaavia's distinctive character traits were on full display, even when Gabrielle fell into the ocean after ignoring her daughter's warnings. The family, as well as fans, enjoyed a good laugh at the incident.

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The comments section was flooded with admiration for Kaavia's supportive behavior and her unique role in the family. Fans were quick to point out her managerial approach, to which Gabrielle jestingly responded that Kaavia was there for her “10%”, a reference to the typical cut taken by a manager.

Observant fans also compared Kaavia's walking style to her father, Dwyane.

Gabrielle and Dwyane's family extends beyond Kaavia. They also raise three other – Zaya, Zaire, and Dwyane's nephew – as well as a child from Dwyane's previous .

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