Inside Queen of the West Village’s Literary Palace

Living in the heart of New York City's West Village, 's home is as glamorous as she is, earning her the moniker ‘Queen of the West Village'.

Despite her usually private nature, Parker gave fans a sneak peek into her abode. One of her most cherished rooms is a library filled top to bottom with books, creating an intellectual sanctuary within the hustle and bustle of the city.

A Literary Collaboration

Parker took to posing in front of her extensive book collection as part of SJP Lit, her book imprint established in partnership with independent publisher Zando in March 2022. The aim is not small-scale – SJP Lit has ambitions to publish diverse and international works that can be described as “sweeping, expansive, thought-provoking, and big-hearted” in both literary and commercial fields.

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Spreading the Love of Reading

She has taken to promoting the imprint and its works globally. Recently, she hosted a preview of the picks from SJP Lit in New York City. Her accounts chronicle her adventures through the world of books, showcasing her well-known for reading.

Upon the launch of SJP Lit, Parker expressed her enthusiasm on returning to the literary world and her intent to help bookworms unearth new authors to follow.

Parker’s Home and Personal Life

Parker's home isn't just a haven for books. Her townhouse also boasts more bookshelves home to a collection of novels and snaps, beautiful green velvet couches, tastefully selected paintings, an antique sideboard, and a vintage drinks tray.

She doesn't limit herself to city living, though. In addition to their townhouse, Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, own a beach house in the Hamptons, offering a perfect getaway from their busy city lives.

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