Discover the Love Story behind Hollywood’s Power Couple

Emily and John, a known for their long-standing relationship since 2008, have a unique story to tell.

They first met in a restaurant in Los Angeles, thanks to mutual who took it upon themselves to play matchmakers. Not long after, in 2009, they got engaged and decided to tie the knot at none other than George Clooney's luxurious Lake Como estate.

The couple has two young daughters – Violet and Hazel.

Oscar Nomination And Family Reaction

Emily recently received an Oscar nomination for her supporting role in the film ‘Oppenheimer', receiving acclaim for her performance and marking her first-ever Oscar nomination. John couldn't hold back his emotions upon hearing the news, and they both shared a tearful moment.

Interestingly, their daughters, Violet and Hazel, were more thrilled about another Oscar nominee – . His popularity is not a secret in their household.

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A Household Of Barbie And Ken Fans

Barbie and Ken have not been left behind in gaining the admiration of Emily and John's daughters. Emily, with a humorous tone, suggested that Ken was the reason for a last-minute press trip promoting her latest movie, ‘The Fall Guy', which coincidentally stars the girls' favorite, Ryan Gosling.

Their youngest daughter, whilst expressing her and affection for Ken, defended the doll, asserting that she didn't want to put the blame on him.

Though the girls have yet to meet Ryan Gosling, they eagerly anticipate the day they will.

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