Discover How Joanna Gaines Prepares for Her Son’s Holiday Homecoming!

eagerly anticipates the return of her eldest son, Drake, to their family home for Christmas, following his departure for college in August 2023. In the Winter 2023 edition of Magnolia Journal, she yearns for his reengagement in family camaraderie, including ongoing family conversations, inside jokes, and reestablishing himself in his favorite chair.

The home atmosphere hasn't altered significantly since Drake went off to university, and Joanna Gaines is determined to provide him with a sense of belonging on his return. Her focus is on fostering an environment that promotes unity amongst her , and she believes her home brings about this sense of collective living.

Finding Joy in Simple Things

Joanna discusses the delight found in seemingly small things and how the holiday season has progressively grown to hold a more special place in her heart. These simple joys and holiday celebrations are a major theme in the upcoming Winter 2023 issue of Magnolia Journal, which is expected to be available on newsstands from November 10.

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The Gaines Family History

Joanna's husband, Chip Gaines, graduated from Baylor University in 1998, followed by Joanna in 2001. The couple crossed paths in 2002 and recently commemorated two decades of . They embarked on a joint venture during their year, establishing Magnolia Market. Their renown grew exponentially following the launch of their HGTV show “Fixer Upper” in 2013.

They expanded their brand by creating the Magnolia Network in partnership with Discovery. The network features a variety of -focused shows, with themes revolving around home renovations, construction, design, and general lifestyle.

The Gaines Siblings

The Gaines family includes five children: Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie, and the youngest, Crew. Joanna frequently shares glimpses of Crew's involvement in various activities, such as gardening and beekeeping, on her social media profiles. In a recent October post, she shared a snapshot of Crew armed with a basket of white pumpkins, ready to contribute to their home decoration efforts.

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