Discover Heartwarming Childhood Photos of Simone Biles Shared on Her 27th Birthday

, the renowned gymnast, recently turned 27, with heartfelt messages and unseen pictures from her making rounds on the internet. The celebratory wishes came from her family as well as her beloved husband, all expressing their love and admiration for her.

Family Shares Admiration

Notably, her sibling Adria Biles showered her with love on . Showing their close bond, Adria posted a series of their childhood photos that took fans down the memory lane. The posts reflected their strong bond with Adria labeling Simone as her “built-in best friend” while expressing her gratitude for her sister's unending support.

Simone’s Husband Expresses Love and Admiration

Jonathan Owens, Simone's spouse, also expressed his affection for the birthday girl. His message was filled with love and admiration for Simone while sharing his about the year to come. This gesture from Owens further revealed their close-knit relationship.

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Amazing Career Changes

On another note, Owens recently transitioned from Green Bay in Wisconsin to the Chicago Bears. This change, initiated after their marriage in 2023, saw Simone voicing her pride for her husband's shift on her Twitter account. It's clear that these couple not only support each other emotionally but also professionally.

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