CEO’s Shocking Revelation: Achieve More by Doing Less

Looking to lessen your workload and improve your wellbeing? Mandy Teefey, the CEO of Wondermind, shares her insights on how to achieve more by doing less in .

Stepping Back from Constant Productivity

The CEO of Wondermind, Mandy Teefey, advises taking a step back from the relentless drive for productivity and the incessant need to stay connected. She promotes an approach to life that's more mindful, prioritizing self-care, setting limits, and finding moments of stillness.

Mandy Teefey’s Guidelines: Doing Less for More

Teefey shares her top five tips on achieving less with more:

  • Don't let emails dictate your day: Avoid knee-jerk responses to emails as they come in. Take your time and establish boundaries that protect your personal time and headspace.
  • Delegate for personal time: Delegate tasks where possible. This will free up time for self-care and personal pursuits.
  • Realistic to-do lists: Be practical with your to-do lists. Prioritize tasks and try not to stress if some tasks remain incomplete.
  • A well-organized morning: Developing a morning routine that sets you up for a productive and efficient day can also ensure you have time for yourself.
  • Limit phone usage: Regulate your phone usage to minimize distractions and reduce anxiety.
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These tips are not only for the CEOs and managers, but for anyone aiming to find a balance between their professional and personal lives while also taking care of their .

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