Bruce Willis Battles Unseen Enemy: Dementia

The famed American actor, , aged 68, was initially identified with aphasia last year. He is now battling frontotemporal .

The condition is marked by a range of symptoms such as personality alterations, difficulties in communication, mobility constraints, and a diminished sense of self-awareness amongst other signs.

Voicing the Struggles

Emma, his wife, has been open about the emotional and practical challenges associated with her husband's deteriorating condition. She stresses the value of having a solid network of friends and around, which Bruce affectionately refers to as the “inner circle”.

Sharing the Journey

Sharing her sentiments publicly on Instagram, Emma underscores the necessity of expressing feelings and not suppressing emotions. She has addressed the difficulties faced during special occasions such as holidays and anniversaries, but also stressed on the value of community and human connection during these times.

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Expressing her gratitude, she acknowledges her followers and thanks them for being her support system, referring to them as part of her “inner circle”.

Expressions of Gratitude

Emma has been appreciative of the outpouring love and support messages for Bruce. She conveys that these messages provide her comfort and make her feel less isolated during these testing times, describing the experience as a ‘waterfall of kindness'.

In a previous post, Emma celebrated her 16th anniversary with Bruce, sharing a heartwarming photo from a tropical vacation.

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