Alert! Taylor Swift to Appear on Travis Kelce’s Podcast?

Rumours are circulating that could be a special guest on a podcast hosted by her boyfriend, , termed ‘New Heights'. Fervent listeners eagerly anticipate the reveal of this mysterious guest.

The player stirred intrigue in his podcast's December 27 edition, hinting at a ‘guest episode'. This forthcoming episode promises to be a family affair, featuring various members of the Kelce clan. Given the recent development in Swift and Kelce's , it's possible that the Grammy-winning artist could be the surprise guest.

The bond between Swift and Kelce appears to be gaining momentum. Their families have recently been introduced, meeting at a Kansas City Chiefs match. This follows the singer's confirmation of the relationship in a TIME interview in December 2023. Swift also subtly acknowledged Kelce in her song ‘Karma'.

Despite Swift's previous penchant for , particularly visible in her former relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, her newfound openness has garnered public attention. The public visibility of her relationship with Kelce has captured the curiosity of fans, raising expectations for her potential appearance on ‘New Heights'.

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