ABC Anchor Shocks Viewers With Bold Health Move

DeMarco Morgan, revered anchor at ABC and host on GMA3, is employing his influence to propagate men's consciousness. Recently, he marked his 45th , a milestone age prescribed by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force for initiating regular colonoscopy screenings.

Morgan’s Public Colonoscopy

Morgan undertook a bold move by sharing his inaugural colonoscopy experience publicly. Not content with just himself, he also urged his close-knit group of from youth to accompany him in this endeavor. His objective was clear – to eliminate the stigma that surrounds discussions on men's health and normalize it, nearly akin to everyday “locker room talk”.

A Gender-Specific Silence

Morgan's observance has been that women are generally more open about their health concerns and screening practices, a trait not often seen in men. By encouraging more open conversations around men's health issues, he aims to break this silence.

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The Impact on Black Men

His efforts hold a significant value particularly for Black men who are diagnosed with colorectal at a higher rate. In this light, Morgan's initiative of portraying three Black men undergoing the test collectively could potentially create a positive ripple effect.

Addressing Misconceptions

Morgan admittedly acknowledges that colonoscopies are not viewed as “sexy”. Yet, his intent was to communicate a sense of relatability and stimulate motivation. He stressed that the procedure, contrary to popular belief, does not inflict pain. His endeavor also aimed to deflate the common misconceptions associated with it.

Making Health Cool for Men

Ultimately, Morgan's ambition is to make it fashionable for men to regularly monitor their health. By doing so, he hopes to inspire men to take proactive measures towards health maintenance and wellness.

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