Why Did Dean Still Wear His Wedding Band Amid Tori’s Divorce Filing?

In the wake of Tori's divorce filing, Dean made his appearance in Los Angeles, dismissing rumors of turmoil between them. Admirably, he was seen wearing his wedding band, his composed demeanor an evident sign of resilience.

For those following the couple, the divorce filing did not come as a shock, especially given the announcement of their separation in June 2023. The cause stated by Tori was irreconcilable differences, with a desire for joint legal custody of their five . However, Tori indicated a preference for sole physical custody, with visitation rights for Dean.

Divorce Costs and Proceedings

For the financial aspects of their separation, Tori requested spousal support along with coverage of her legal expenses. The divorce proceedings were made known to Dean in a rather surprising manner – during Tori's “Misspelling”.

Dean, though taken aback and initially resistant, finally acquiesced. Tori also shared her sense of profound loneliness, mentioning Dean's personal intention to file for divorce himself.

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The Couple's and Future

The marriage of the couple dates back to 2006, and they reaffirmed their commitment in 2010 by renewing their vows. Despite the proceedings, they have shown commendable unity, especially when it comes to their children. A recent instance of this was the of their son Beau, which they celebrated together.


Both parents took to Instagram to share their heartfelt messages for their son. Tori referred to Beau as “my greatest teacher on this journey”, while Dean saw a future king in him.

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