Warning: Chef James Martin Targeted by Social Media Scammers!

Acclaimed TV chef has issued a warning to his followers regarding fake accounts masquerading as himself. Highlighting an increase in deceptive accounts which claim to represent him or his management, Martin is urging caution.

The popular chef made it clear that neither he nor his management team would ever ask followers to subscribe to a private fan page, request monetary transfers or ask for personal information, such as emails or phone numbers. Additionally, they would not ask fans to buy any form of vouchers.

How to Identify Official Accounts

Martin encouraged followers to engage only with his official social media accounts. These are distinguishable by the blue verification ticks beside his name. These ticks are a universal symbol on social media platforms that denote the account belongs to the person of public interest it purports to be.

Steps to Report Suspicious Activity

Furthermore, Martin advised his followers to immediately report and block any suspicious pages or posts. This includes direct messages that seem dubious or ask for personal information or money. These steps are necessary to prevent others from falling prey to these scams.

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Not an Isolated Problem

Renowned chef Raymond Blanc also weighed in on the issue. He confirmed that this is not an isolated incident but a prevalent problem across social media platforms. Blanc, like Martin, has also been the victim of such scams and has voiced his concern over the issue.

This is not the first time Martin has had to issue a warning of this sort. A similar incident took place in February 2023, forcing the chef to alert his fans about the deceptive accounts.

Other Affected

Moreover, other popular personalities have faced similar scams. James May, famous for his role in The Grand , reported that fake accounts have been using his image to promote scams, particularly those related to cryptocurrencies and planning for retirement. His co-stars, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, have also been targeted by these fraudulent accounts.

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