Unveiling the Love and Loss of Craig Revel Horwood’s Life: Discover More!

Renowned for his critical eye on Strictly Come , Craig Revel Horwood's is a tale of love, loss, and new beginnings. A high-profile relationship with horticulturist Jonathan Myring has been a headline since 2018.

A Current Love Story

Jonathan and Craig's mutual adoration was sealed with an in Tasmania in 2020. Craig has often mentioned the pleasing sense of stability that comes from having a partner who not only loves him but also intends to share a lifetime with him.

Their engagement did come with a slight adjustment. Initially, Jonathan planned a riverside proposal in anticipation of a platypus sighting. However, Craig's impatience led to a change of scenery – a proposal in a hotel bubble bath. Moreover, they had originally arranged to tie the knot in 2022, but it has been postponed to 2025, with the date now marking Craig's 60th and Jonathan's 40th birthdays.

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Craig’s Previous Marriage

Craig's romantic history includes a brief to Jane Horwood between 1990 to 1992. Unfortunately, an extramarital affair on Jane's part led to the couple's split. Notably, despite the end of their marriage, Craig and Jane have managed to maintain a close friendship, even enjoying holidays together.

Regrettably, this marriage was more than a romantic union for Craig – it represented his aspiration to start a . He has admitted that he imagined a future where he was married to a woman and raising children. Consequently, the failure of this marriage has led to Craig's regret over not having children.

Thoughts on Parenthood

Craig is not against the idea of becoming a parent. He has expressed interest in the option of adopting children in the future, indicating that his desire for a family is still very much alive.

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