Unheard Tragedy: How Lynda Carter Handles the Loss of Her Husband

Hollywood lost one of its leading lights over three years ago, as Robert A. Altman, the other half of Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, passed away. Altman, both a respected figure in the legal field and a successful video game executive, left a void not easily filled.

Lynda Carter, now 72, spent no less than 37 fruitful years with Altman. Their story is marked by the birth of two children, Jessica and James. Today, Carter profoundly feels the void left by her late husband, the man she unhesitatingly considers the love of her life.

Altman's absence is deeply felt by Carter, even in the most mundane moments and tasks of daily life. To deal with this , she turned to a familiar avenue of solace – music. This gave birth to a tribute song for her departed husband, aptly titled “Letters From Earth”. The intent of this song is to put into words the profound sorrow that accompanies the loss of a loved one.

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Long before she ventured into , Carter was deeply involved in music – singing and writing for over half a century. Her over the loss of her life partner was publicly shared in 2021 via social media, where she detailed their deep connection and the mutual support they offered each other.

Altman's passing was the result of complications arising from a medical procedure. His son James fondly remembers him as a fiercely loyal and wise father. The impact Altman had on the legal and video gaming industries is significant. He co-founded a company, ZeniMax Media, that published iconic video games such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

In 2020, a landmark moment occurred when Microsoft acquired ZeniMax for an astonishing .5 billion. This acquisition stands as a testament to Altman's remarkable influence in the gaming industry.

Lynda Carter's love for Altman is undying. She constantly seeks to honor his memory through her music and the deep affection they shared. Loss is a universal experience, but it is through remembering and cherishing that we lend it meaning and humanity.

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