Uncover the Secrets of Salma Hayek’s Family Ski Trip!

recently made headlines by sharing glimpses of a family ski trip to Aspen, Colorado

The star took to to share the highlights of her holiday involving her husband François-Henri Pinault, their daughter Valentina Paloma, and Augustin Evangelista, Pinault's son from a previous relationship.

Hayek and Pinault have been married since 2009, tying the knot two years after the birth of their daughter. Pinault also has two older children, Mathilde and François from his previous marriage to Dorothée Lepère. His son Augustin, born in 2006, is the son of model Linda Evangelista.

Instagram Highlights

Hayek's Instagram post featured a round-up of the vacation with a combination of photos and a video montage. The pictures included a group shot on a mountain, a selfie with Augustin, snapshots of her ski outfit, a photo with Pinault, and snippets from a party. The post was met with an outpouring of positive comments from fans and friends alike.

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Celebrity Reactions

Among the responding to the post was Paris Hilton. Linda Evangelista also chimed in, endearingly referring to them as “my party animals.”

Recent Collaborations

In a recent post, Hayek shared a video featuring Evangelista promoting a book by renowned photographer Steven Meisel. Evangelista, in her response, expressed her gratitude to Hayek for her support and highlighted that the proceeds from the book will be used towards funding breast cancer awareness programs.

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