“The Swift – McEntire Feud Extinguished: Hear it From McEntire Herself”

Internet rumors of a feud between country icon Reba McEntire and singer have been quashed by McEntire herself.

The scuttlebutt started with a Facebook post by “America Loves Liberty”. According to the post, Reba expressed disappointment over Taylor's behavior at the in Las Vegas, reportedly being “laughing and drinking” during the national anthem.

Reba, however, was quick to react and dismiss the rumors. She took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the Facebook post, with a clear message. Contrary to the rumors, she had not referred to Taylor as an “entitled little brat”.

Reba's support for Taylor is well-known in the music industry. She has been openly admiring of Taylor, hailing her as a remarkable artist and an influential persona with a significant role in shaping the music industry.

Internet users and fans rushed to Reba's defense, asserting that she would never act in such a way. The comments section was flooded with messages of support and affirmation of Reba's character.

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There's more to Reba's with Taylor than just mutual admiration. Taylor's journey in started in 2006 with her debut and its lead single “Tim McGraw”. Since then, she's received unyielding support from not only Reba, but also Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Reba's support didn't stop at words alone. She presented Taylor with two coveted awards – the Crystal Milestone Award at the 44th Academy of Country Music Awards in 2009, and the Entertainer of the Year award at the 45th CMA Awards in 2011.

Taylor has always acknowledged the spirit of camaraderie in the music industry, as she mentioned during her acceptance speeches. Her appreciation for the support and respect among artists is evident.

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