The Shocking Truth Behind Reba McEntire’s Mega-Million-Dollar Divorce

Renowned country icon Reba McEntire recently opened up on The Drew Barrymore Show about her former 26-year long matrimony with Narval Blackstock, which was filled with constant work due to their intertwined professional endeavours.

The singer, reportedly worth a substantial million, confessed that their marriage was in fact a relentless treadmill of professional obligations, as they initially started their journey together in a band, transitioned into a manager-artist , before ultimately tying the knot. Despite the constant hustle and bustle, even during their holidays, the couple managed to maintain a harmonious co-existence, which came to an end in a rather amicable split in 2015, costing the duo millions.

Their Professional and Personal Partnership

Blackstock, beyond his personal relationship with Reba, also played a pivotal role in her professional life. What began as a shared passion for music in a band, gradually transitioned into a multifaceted partnership where he took up the reins as her manager, thereby blurring the lines between their personal and professional lives. Their relationship was a continuous cycle of work, even seeping into their vacation time.

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Parenting Their Offspring

The former country is also parents to their 35-year-old son, Shelby, who has taken a divergent path from his parents and became a racer. Reba recently shared a heartfelt moment on the show when she watched her son participating in a race at Daytona. She underlined how vital it is for parents to encourage their 's aspirations and dreams, even when they diverge from their own.

Blackstock also had three children from a previous relationship, one of whom is Brandon Blackstock, formerly married to another heavyweight, Kelly Clarkson. Irrespective of their split, the duo reassured their commitment to their shared family in a cordial joint statement, promising to continue their support and cooperation.

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