The Reason Sarah Jessica Parker moved to London will Shock You!

High-profile American actors and Matthew Broderick have recently uprooted to London. The reason? A seasonal run of the acclaimed , .

First Performance of Plaza Suite

The duo took to the stage for the first time last week to kick off their run. The feedback? Positive, according to the reviews they've garnered.

Gratitude and Adjusting to London life

Not one to shy away from giving her fans an insight, Parker shared her feelings on the shift to London life via an Instagram post. Her heartfelt expression of gratitude was warmly received by her followers. The couple is also getting acquainted with the local amenities, from shops to public transport.

Twins Possibly Joining in London

Also making the transatlantic journey could be their twins, Marion and Tabitha. Their move will potentially coincide with the twins' transition to high school in the coming months.

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Parker’s Parenting Tips

Parker is open about her approach to , regularly sharing advice with her . She emphasises the handling of disappointments and the importance of resilience.

Their Oldest Child’s Academics

While the family finds their feet in London, their oldest child, James Wilkie, is pursuing his studies. He's currently enrolled at the prestigious Brown University in Rhode Island.

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