Spice Girl’s Emma Bunton Adds a New Member to Her Family – Meet Margot Robbie!

Newest addition to Spice Girl's 's family – a brown cockapoo named Margot Robbie – is capturing hearts all around!

Formerly known as Spice, Emma Bunton recently presented her family's latest member, a charming brown cockapoo dubbed Margot Robbie. The bunton family can't keep their eyes off their newest bundle of joy, as stated by Emma on . She shared a heartwarming picture of her posing with Margot, the adorable furball, on her social media account.

Not surprisingly, the picture instantly caught the attention of her followers. Fans were quick to express their affection for Margot, praising not just the pet's cuteness but also the distinct choice of name. The well-liked post received several appreciative comments, reflecting the internet's for the new pet.

Emma Bunton's Family Life

Professional singer Emma is not just a Spice Girl or a pet parent. She is also a mother to two kids, Beau, 16, and Tate, 12. Jade Jones, her husband, share these beautiful moments of parenthood with her. A protective mother, Emma has often voiced her concerns about her following her footsteps into the glamour industry.

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Beau, her elder son, has already taken an interest in his mother's professional field. He had the opportunity to join Emma at Heart Radio, giving him a glimpse into the industry. On the contrary, Tate's interests are yet to be highlighted.

Regardless of their individual interests, Emma Bunton places a high value on maintaining open lines of communication with her sons. She cherishes the tight bond among all family members, acknowledging the diverse interests that range from music and sports to art, reading, and films.

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