Shocking Truth: TV Stars Matthew and Charley Call Quits after 5 Years

Matthew and Charley, known for their roles on the ITV soap, have ended their marriage after five years. The news stunned their fans, who first saw their chemistry spark when they met on set back in 2006. The couple made headlines again when they surprised their loved ones by transforming Charley's 30th bash into their wedding.

Matthew, shortly after the split, was seen with personal trainer Heather Scott-Martin. This sparked a wave of , accusing him of infidelity. Allegedly, Matthew was having an affair with Heather during his marriage with Charley. Rumors spread like wildfire, with fans and critics alike speculating about the cause of the split.

Matthew decided to address these rumors head-on.

In a statement posted on his Instagram, Matthew made it clear that he was not the one who initiated the split. He further clarified that he met Heather only after his marriage with Charley had already ended. He also stated that, despite their separation, he and Charley continue to be good , with their being their top priority.

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Life Before the Split

Matthew and Charley's life before their separation paints a picture of a family trying to strike a balance between work and . In Yorkshire, where the family resided, Matthew's parents even moved into the house to lend a hand with the children, due to Charley's hectic work schedule.

In a past interview on Loose Women, Matthew openly discussed the difficulties of maintaining this balance. It's clear that both Matthew and Charley strived to create a stable environment for their children, even as work commitments often pulled them in different directions.

And now post-separation, Matthew's insistence on prioritizing their children, and maintaining amicable relations with Charley, seems to be part of an ongoing effort to ensure their children's wellbeing.

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