Michael Douglas and Son Shock Guests at Vanity Fair Oscars Party

Welcome to a peek into the glitz and glamour of the Vanity Fair post- , an event that saw 's finest in attendance – including the iconic and his son, Cameron.

Star-studded Vanity Fair Party

The high-profile event was quite the talk of the town, marking its 30th anniversary. Hosting an array of celebrities, from Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Justin Theroux, Nicole Brydon Bloom, Sydney Sweeney, Gracie Abrams, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, to Greta Lee – the party was indeed a feast for the paparazzi.

Father-Son Outing

Michael Douglas, synonymous with roles such as in ‘A Perfect Murder', made an appearance with his son, Cameron, 45. The 79-year-old actor didn't miss an opportunity to share a photo of their night out on Instagram, where fans were quick to pick up on Cameron's uncanny resemblance to Robert Downey Jr.

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Dressing up for the Occasion

Both father and son were impeccably dressed for the evening. Cameron sported an olive green jacket and trousers paired with a black t-shirt. His dad, on the other hand, looked dapper in a sharp black suit, complemented by a matching black button-down shirt and bowtie.

A Peek into the Past

It's worth noting that Cameron is Michael's son with his former wife Diandra Luker. The two were in a marital bond from 1977 to 2000, eventually filing for divorce in 1995.

Cameron’s Ventures and Personal Life

Like his father, Cameron also had a stint in acting, but his focus has since shifted. He has bravely overcome his struggle with alcoholism and is now devoted to being a father to his kids, Lua, five, and Ryder, two. His children are from his relationship with partner Viviane Thibes.

Dealing with Legal Issues

As many may remember, Cameron also served time in prison. In 2010, he was sentenced to a five-year term over charges of heroin possession, and dealing methamphetamine and cocaine. His prison term was increased after he admitted to smuggling drugs into prison. Yet, he regained his freedom in 2016.

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Coming Clean

More recently, in 2019, Cameron opened up about his experiences, his journey towards redemption, and the impact of fame and family on his life in his memoir, ‘Long Way Home: A Memoir of Fame, Family, and Redemption'.

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